Our Mission Statement

“Bringing professional, affordable entertainment to you and your family;
enriching your lives through musicals, dramas, and comedies, while providing an oppourtunity for the next generation of performers in live theatre.”

The History Of PNTC

Nancy Goodwin

In 2000, Performance Now Theatre Company’s Artistic Director, Nancy Goodwin, had been working as a director and choreographer in the Denver area. During that time, she developed a dream for a professional quality theatre company. The company would attract the best talent in the area, would provide the highest quality of family entertainment and would also provide educational opportunities for young actors. 

Since that time, Performance Now Theatre Company has produced over 40 major musicals, a comedy play, a Broadway Revue, and a Hollywood revue. These productions altogether have included over 500 actors, 30 people with production responsibilities, and live musicians for each performance. Directors, choreographers, and tech crew are all selected from the highly talented pool of local artists. 

Every season we produce a show that includes several youth in the cast. These young actors can learn many aspects of theatre, including acting, singing, dancing, auditions, performance, professionalism, make-up, and tech work. 

Sadly, Nancy passed away on May 3, 2007 after an extended and courageous battle with breast cancer. Beginning with our first production of “The Sound of Music” in 2002, she produced twenty shows and in many of those productions she was also the director and choreographer. As a leader to all those associated with the company, she always inspired everyone to do their best, and she expected nothing less. She was especially dedicated to providing opportunities for young performers in live theatre. Nancy will be greatly missed but never forgotten by anyone who has ever worked with her in theatre. 

Because of her legacy, Performance Now will continue in the same direction that she set out in her vision for this theatre company and will strive to uphold her standard of excellence.

Lakewood Cultural Center

All of our performances are held at the beautiful Lakewood Cultural Center. Nestled in Lakewood City Commons across from the Belmar shopping area at Wadsworth and Alameda, the 38,000 square foot Lakewood Cultural Center offers a technically advanced 316-seat theatre, and has been the home of Performance Now Theatre Company for over 10 years.

Youth In Theatre

As offered in our mission statement, one of our mail goals is educational. For theatre to grow in our community, young artists must have the training to prepare them to grow as an artist. Performance Now dedicates at least one show each year to this purpose. 

Besides onstage training. There are many opportunities for new artists, young and old, to acquire different skills associated with the theatre, including set design and construction, stage management, costumes, and make-up. Our training programs help to give the apprentice a better understanding of the theatre in general, while providing them experience in the different areas associated with production.

Our Staff

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Ken Goodwin

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